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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

foto_morgana / Frans Devriese's "Litang (理塘, Gaochengxiang), Qudenggabu chorten #12," 2007

foto_morgana / Frans Devriese ' s "Litang (理塘, Gaochengxiang), Qudenggabu chorten #12," of 2007, masterfully--as usual--puts before our eyes the intent gaze of a little Chinese-Tibetan child. (For the original post by foto_morgana / Frans Devriese, see:

I gaze imaginatively --through my monitor--during this, the first hours of the year 2008, into the eyes of this little child. This child is living on the other side of the globe from me. Our circumstances are almost totally different, yet I am captivated and I wonder:

Little Child with The Alert Brown Eyes:

Little child, with such alert brown eyes,
Your penetrating gaze, looks up at me.
Our paths so distant, never will they meet.

Yet the clock runs at the same pace for you.
My hair, the color of your woolen knit,
Your eyes, expectant, while mine are tired.
You gaze up, as I gaze down.
Yet we both know hunger,
Both seek warmth, and love;
Both need to know that we are loved,
Both wonder what lies ahead.
It's not easy, little child,
Not easy to find peace.
Love has to be worked at;
And food toiled for;
Pains bite deeply.
Shelter, where will it be for you?

What will this year bring to you?
And to me?
We both wonder.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and touching thoughts about how different our fate can be for the only fact of being born in different countries.


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