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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ifdefelseif, Dreaming of the Sea, January, 2008

dreaming of the sea, originally uploaded by ifdefelseif.

Seeing Ifdefelseif's "Dreaming of the Sea," of January 2008 (originally posted to Flickr, January 6, 2008, see, my mind immediately jumped to Pieter Bruegel's "Ship in a Stormy Sea," (see below) and to the longstanding Netherlandish tradition of allegorizing the motif of a ship in a stormy sea as an allegory of both the life of man and of the ship of state. This prompted the following lines, addressed to our President, but dedicated to the creator of this striking image, Flickr's "Ifdefelseif."

The Ship of State

Man's life, they say, is like a ship
At risk in a stormy sea.
The Ship of State no less,
In such a mess may be.
Whose at the helm?
By what compass sails?
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
I fear the ship off course.

When Pieter Bruegel
Such ship did paint,
The mariners, he showed,
Had sense to throw,
A barrel to the whale.
The mighty whale
From menacing them,
To menacing it,
Distractedly did turn.
The ship, itself, sailed free.

Now, Mr. President,
Please take a look,
At what now
Our ship does threaten.
The compass tells,
Change course,
Before your helm
Does snap apart.

Pieter Bruegel, Ship Threatened by Whale, with Icarus added by JW

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