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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One More from Sati Kobashi (of São Paulo, Brazil): "Ancient Blossom"

Ancient Blossom, originally uploaded by Sati K..

I shall never forget the sensation of first seeing Sati Kobashi's photograph, "Ancient Blossom," (first posted to Flickr, Nov. 12, 2007, see: It emits such deep feelings of sadness.

I have returned to it tonight, not because I am sad, but because there are few, like Sati, who have the capacity to make such poignant imagery, out of the common place.

Yet, I am convinced that none of us need look far, since the most ordinary elements around us are so richly suggestive, so redolent in meaning and association. When we take time to ponder, the most common objects--as well as the rare--can speak visually of all that can be found in a persons heart--love, sorrow, longing, joy, hope, despair, and desire--all what you will.

Photography, one thinks to be a medium of fact. But, in sensitive hands, it becomes the instrument of poetry, making visible what is there, but unseen, or, at best, half-seen. Yet it is that other part, which we all so easily miss, that needs most to be seen, and, being seen, digested through the eye, to nourish the soul.

So when I saw Sati K.'s "Ancient Blossom," back in November, I wrote for her, and here repeat:

Sati's "Ancient Blossom":

Sober rose,
Like a love lost;
A cherished memory,
Held poignantly;
Sad to let go.
Yet we must,
If we are to survive.

--John Walford, November 12, 2007, dedicated to Sati Kobashi, tender soul, and--thanks to Flickr--now good friend.

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