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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Triumph of Hope

V, originally uploaded by semimortal79.

My distant "niece," alexandra G./ semimortal79's photograph "V", uploaded to Flickr, 3 Feb 08 (see:, with its titling lines and violent contrast of lights and darks, speaks to me of hope and fear, hence these lines, for her:

Triumph of Hope:

Plants triumph over hardened ground.
Fear, crouching in shadow,
Luminous hope does disarm.
Storm and wind yet rage.
But into this "V"ortex,
Light forces its presence
Into an unwilling world,
And, as Alex, semi-mortal
Is rescued by the gods,
All the muses smile.

--JW, 2/3/08.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John, congrat's to you niece on the brooding capture...

    and amendment to your post...

    The Painter of the Night
    by James Tate

    � � Someone called in a report that she had
    seen a man painting in the dark over by the
    pond. A police car was dispatched to go in-
    vestigate. The two officers with their big
    flashlights walked all around the pond, but
    found nothing suspicious. Hatcher was the
    younger of the two, and he said to Johnson,
    "What do you think he was painting?" Johnson
    looked bemused and said, "The dark, stupid.
    What else could he have been painting?" Hatcher,
    a little hurt, said, "Frogs in the Dark, Lily-
    pads in the Dark, Pond in the Dark. Just as
    many things exist in the dark as they do in
    the light." Johnson paused, exasperated. Then
    Hatcher added, "I'd like to see them. Hell,
    I might even buy one. Maybe there's more out
    there than we know. We are the police, after-
    all. We need to know."


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