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Monday, March 31, 2008

And Then There Was Penelope, 2008

Some of you have been following the extraordinary odyssey of my friend, John Fawcett, as he has fought back against ravaging cancer for now a long time. Once more, over Easter week, he seemed to go right to the brink, lose the capacity to form sentences, and then awoke on Easter morning as lucid and feisty as ever.

Not only is this man one terrific fighter, with a courage that puts a lesser mortal, such as me, to shame, but what of his wife Margie?

With two small children, and a husband who takes us all on such a roller coaster, and simply refuses to give in to the enemy that eats his mortal flesh, and who must keep her family going, where does she find her strength, resilience, and courage to fend off her own fears and despair, and sustain a balanced environment for her children?

As I think of these two, John and Margie, my thoughts turned to an ancient and famous epic tale, that of Odysseus, and, in so doing, I considered, in a new light, the under-sung heroine of that story, his wife Penelope. Hence these few lines and accompanying image: "And Then There Was Penelope...."

To their modern counterparts--and to all such who inspire us with their fortitude--these words and images are thankfully dedicated.

(To view the image and text larger, please follow the link under the photograph, and then choose "all sizes" and then "large.")


  1. Dear John,
    Thank you for this gracious bow to my own battle with John's cancer. I have done as any woman would do bound to her Lord and her husband. I hope to post this on my blog in the next few days.
    With gratitude,

  2. Margie:

    You may have done as any woman would try to do, but you have done it with fortitude, and a noble courage, which draws my wonder, for I know the great drain on stamina--emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological. There needs be those whose call it is also to care for you...I trust you are so upheld.

    In prayer for you all,


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