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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Under the Still Surface

Nature looking at it self

Tonight I returned to Idea-Listic's "Nature looking at itself," uploaded to Flick, October 22, 2007 (see: Nature Looking At Itself) and pondered:

Under The Still Surface

That surface of water, so still, unruffled, calm,
What dark secrets does it hide?
Scum, dirt, weed, slime, and filth?
And things yet worse! A rusty gun,
Tossed there after a bank heist;
The corpse of someone's wife's mother,
Thrown there years ago to cover a crime.
A dead dog, that once barked in the neighbors yard,
One time too many, early on a Sunday morning.
An unwanted child, left there to drown,
And the bones from a thousand fish.

All such works of darkness allude the eye,
That glances contentedly over the surface,
And senses only a great tranquility.
Now look deep into my eyes,
And what do you see?
Glistening surfaces, white, black, and blue,
Beyond which lies unfathomable darkness,
Like secrets buried in a tranquil lake.
--- John Walford, Passion Week, 2008.


  1. such a dark poem early in the morning he! Like it matters when and where...
    I'm familiar with that way of feeling and seeing. I wished to ask u are u OK....but judging someones way of feeling based on a poem may be redundant. Often the poem seems to be just a momentary twitch of certain realm of a tiny burst of energy...but, since all small thing reflect the great ones, i'll just say; hope all is well and I liked your poem and the way it displays one of many many ''good'' and ''bad'' which stays hidden from our eyes...limiting us, helping us...defining us...

  2. My dear Robert:

    Thank you! Yes, in fact I am very well, but very weary. The poem does not reflect my state of being--thank goodness, but rather, it is a generalized way to suggest that there is great darkness in all of us, even behind the shimmering gleam of bright eyes--just as there is darkness under the shimmering surface of your lake.

    I do, though, greatly appreciate your concern for my well-being, especially as I do endure periods of great darkness from time to time. Mercifully not at the moment.


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