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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And A Day Will Come, When All Sorrow Shall Pass Away, 2008

Uploaded by John Walford to Flickr, April 15,2008, see:

"And A Day Will Come, When All Sorrow Shall Pass Away"

Yes, there are times, when dawn is met with joy.
The mind races to meet the prospects of the day.
How glad of heart, for such times we are!
So thankful, for life, for another chance,
To try our hand at living out our dreams;
To polish that text started the night before.

Yet, there are times, when dawn draws forth our fears,
And sleep, if not restful, respite from life did give.
Glad we had been for night to lift our weighty burden,
To bury our turmoil under darkness and sheets.
Yet, far too soon, dawn our angst cruelly rouses,
As light creeps round the blinds, and cars hurry by.

Each, in his or her own torment, wrestles with the day,
Tossing and turning, anything, to face the other way.
Thoughts, like our restless bodies, toss and turn,
One more round, and perhaps we can resolve,
Those gnawing thoughts that eat at us all day.
Tormented thus, the day, we keep at bay.

But duty does us summon, to overcome our angst;
At least to suppress it, under cover of routine.
But, in truth, it never leaves us, lurking always there,
Though we seek every way to wash it clean.
Like a fighting bull terrier, it clings to our throat,
Over our defeat, it happily does gloat.

Now this does illumine who our enemy may be,
The Prince of Darkness, none other but he!
Time to take up the sword of the Spirit,
And resist to the end, all that opposes life.
If we endure, surely will dawn the day,
When, truly, all sorrow shall pass away.

--Dedicated, humbly and lovingly,
to Mark & Anne, Jon & Ted Fackler,
as you mourn the loss of beloved Ben.
John Walford, April 15, 2008.

Dancers at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 2008 -- One more for the Fackler family.

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