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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Speaking to the Soul, With Not Ever a Sound

Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son, 1669

"Speaking to the Soul, With Not Ever a Sound"

Through lumpy, red, black, yellow oils,
Layered in mellow glazes, light recoils,
To write on the eye, a dark image profound,
That speaks to the soul, with not ever a sound.

Lurking in shadow, a marveling mum;
Man crouching in wonder, counting the sum,
Over the steward, dismayed older son,
What holds their attention? Now come!

This painter he knew, the power of all vice,
Knew death takes children, lover, and wife;
Tasted great fortune, thrown to the wind,
Admits in each paint stroke that all have sinned.

The miller’s son from Leiden has taught me to see,
Over even the worst prodigality, mercy poured free.
What terrestrial father, this father can match,
Bending to comfort an unworthy wretch?!

What warm, mellow glow on his old Jewish face,
Grasping tattered son, in tender embrace,
The boy’s head, its rest on father’s chest does find,
This tender love, Rembrandt showed humankind.

--John Walford, for Joe McHale, 4/5/2008

This written in response to Joe's ekphratic poem, written, surreptitiously, in my class one day:

"Rembrandt soaked his brush
In blacks, by commission gave
To us the pageantry of night

And he has made the picture
Speak; in this, his innovation
Forever a name inside the book

His paintings speak to inevitable
Sorrow, that our days are numbered
And cumbersome, that the ideal

Of natural beauty is a cross
Held by the tainted face,
Tattered cloaks and rugged beards"

Joe McHale, Wheaton College, Spring, 2008.

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