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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Traces of Times Past

"Black Death's Last Trace, Norfolk, England, 2007"


In Homage to Jacob van Ruisdael, great Dutch 17th c. Landscape Painter, thinking of works such as those shown below (from the National Gallery, London, small version), or even, The Ruins of Egmond Castle, (The Art Institute, Chicago); And, in fact, closer to home, this painting by my artist-friend Anne Roberts, who lives near the ruin, and whom we visited this summer, when my photo was taken.

"Where hammer, the anvil once struck, now the solitary skylark sings"

Where once was heard the sound of hammer striking anvil,
And the shouts and cries of children running in the streets,
Now skylark sings, and grasses bend with the wind;
All village life now stilled, no more the bell does toll.
Black Death, spared none, seized one and all.
Their homes vanished, a ruined church does yet stand tall.
-John Walford, 8/11/07

Jacob van Ruisdael, Panoramic Landscape, National Gallery, London:


Jacob van Ruisdael, Ruins of Egmond Castle, The Art Institute, Chicago:


and, Anne Roberts, Medieval Ruin, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England:


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