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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Fate of a Mouse, or, ...Where Angels Fear To Tread, 2008

The Fate of the Mouse, or,
…Where Angels Fear To Tread, 2008

Listen now, "Mush" Bush
I’m hopping mad,
Four thousand down,
And that’s just our lads.
What about the injured--
Lives never be the same.
What about civilians--
Ordinary mums and dads,
And all the little children
Burnt by bombs?

You thought Saddam
Just a sitting duck.
All those weapons?
You were out of luck.
Of fat oil revenues, did
You and Cheney dream,
Instead our economy,
You simply did cream.
As for the terrorists--
Played into their hand.

What now of America,
Its credibility lost.
Pariah of the world,
And years of good will
Poured down the drain.
Why create such global pain?
Bush and Cheney
In history will go down
One as a schemer,
The other as a clown.
--John Walford, 4/4/2008

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  1. Well said John...

    hope all is well



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