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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"da_N_gerous," by dou_ble_you

da_N_gerous, originally uploaded by dou_ble_you.

"dou_ble_you gets to work on Man Ray ..and things get dan_N_gerous"

When Ingres passed away,
And Man Ray turned his back,
Surrealists you'd think,
Would be cut some slack.
Not so, it turns out,
While UU's about,
Mischief can brew,
Faster than stew.
What's "daNgerous"
Who knows?
But stay on your toes,
When young kids go to war,
There's a whole lot more,
Than dragging on a fag,
When time does so lag.
Kids desires, like us all,
Slip into dreamy haze.
On serpentine curves,
They love butt to gaze,
And pluck the violin,
That lies buried within.

--JW, 7/29/08, for dou_ble_you, with much appreciation for his creative mind, constant encouragement, and many good laughs!

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