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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rosa Cobos, "Between Spirit & Passion", July 2008.

Dedicated to ericutxo / Rosa Cobos:

Rosa Cobos is a poet of the human soul.

She writes complex and moving poems about the works of others, to which I too have been treated. Here is a modest return gift to her, written in response to a piece of hers that speaks well of her intensity of feeling:

ericutxo / Rosa Cobos Thank you for two recent and most beautiful poems on my works. I do treasure them!

As for this piece, it evokes much for me, as it seems to for others too:

"Torn Souls"

What are we frail mortals,
Feeling so deeply,
Longing so intensely,
Fighting internally
Between wit and
Driving emotion?
Sometimes I think,
It would have been easier,
To be a cow--or a bull--
Grazing pasture,
Tended for by others,
Needing only to yield
My milk, or sperm,
Otherwise, in tranquility,
Chewing my cud.

__JW, 7/16/08.

Seen first on Flickr, in the Feelings Not Technique group.

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