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Thursday, September 11, 2008

After The Storm, III, 2008

After The Storm, III, 2008, originally uploaded by johnwalford.

September 11th seems like a fitting day for memorial. This lamentation may resonate with those who mourn for those lost that dark day, in 2001.

But it is written with other losses--more immediate to me, and to the Collegiate world I inhabit--and is dedicated to those we lost, to all who mourn them, and to all who yet struggle, for whom hope hangs but like a thread.

"Carried off by Storm"

Carried off by storm,
In a cruel whirlwind,
Three went down,
Almost four.

One far too many,
Two, three, four,
Have mercy!
We can't bear more.

Others cling on,
Like raindrops
After a storm,
Hanging there.

What will become?
Will gravity take its pull?
An evil gravity,
Stealing young lives.

Have mercy! Have mercy!
Our hearts are torn.
Uphold those who cling
Precarious and worn.

Grant faith, and hope,
That last strong bastion,
Of the hopeless heart.
Pour love into heavy, dry souls.

Pour love, refresh our hope,
Pour oil in our bare wounds.
Bind up our pained hearts,
Banish all that us destroys.

Three went down,
Almost four.
No more, no more
We do implore.

-John Walford, 09/11/08,
Dedicated to those we lost,
those who mourn, and to
those who yet struggle.

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