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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Quarter

No Quarter
Originally uploaded by dou_ble_you
Flickr's dou_ble_you, that wily, fertile mind, prods mine with his video, "No Quarter", and I cry out:

"Life, a gamble? - I give nor take no quarter"
One minute, twenty-nine seconds of video, more engaging than eighty-nine photographs. The eye is captivated, the ears alert, and the mind sent into a whirl. I walk with you through through streets, full of people rushing somewhere, perhaps nowhere of note, perhaps just not to be where they were; we find ourselves dancing, gloved, bedecked, and elegant, dancing to music we see but do not hear; and thereafter encounter the horror of violent death, and the tragedy of chance survival. The dogs, they got us, not just nipped our heels, they wiped us out. Dice we may seem like on the roulette wheel of life, some rising, some falling, one loses both arms to steel driven too fast, the other their mind to Alsheimers, and we know not why. Life a gamble? What's there to gain?--nothing we can keep, besides character. What's there to lose? --everything ephemeral, even our breath? Have we no control over our destiny, other than the choices we think we make? Do those choices matter? Like character, perhaps they are all we are left with. But perhaps they matter more than we could ever have guessed. Perhaps! You touched me with eighty-nine seconds of video, you took a gamble, and it spoke. I give no quarter! It was worth it!
--John Walford, Feb 4, 2009

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