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Thursday, July 23, 2009

CARF's "c o n n e c t e d . . .," 11 July 2009 (Photo: via Flickr, copyright of Children At Risk Foundation – CARF (

c o n n e c t e d . . ., originally uploaded by carf.

Eyes Vigilant Beyond Their Years.

Eyes vigilant, beyond their years,
Always on the look-out.
Looking out for what?
Survival - bare survival.

Who is that boy in the multi-colored stencil?
The same, we are told, as he in the single-color!
Yes, but he is some broken mother's son,
A child at risk. By now he may be "was,"

-- Like Claudiney, and his brother Roney.

Brazilian boys, street kids of Sao Paulo,
Equal to our boys, in every way,
Except for love, care, and protection,
For who is there to give it?

To give even the merest protection,
From the predators of death,
That roam the streets, looking,
For one, for some, to destroy.

May our sorrow rise to anger,
Our anger stir our conscience,
And our conscience drive our wills,
To reach out, with CARF, and others.

Others, as "compassionate Thomas,"
Who Smoaks the streets in search
Of boys to save from prostitution,
Drugs, and the cruel hand of early death.

--JW, dedicated to all those at CARF, Brazil,
who are doing what we fail to do;
and also, more personally,
to my compassionate friend,
Thomas Smoak,
who reaches out his hand
to just such boys.
May God bless all of you
in your efforts, 7/23/09,

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the kind words John which make me look like some kind of hero. The truth is I am, like them (and the rest of you), in search of the Father who proclaims Himself "Father to the Fatherless" "Originator of all paternity" and "EVERLASTING Father" In the end ONLY the fatherless find Him.

    ts - Sao Paulo, 24 de Julho de 2009


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