The Blog of John Walford, British-born, but long resident in The United States. I am a retired art historian, an amateur photographer, and occasional writer, who writes here about art, photography, and the human condition--some of it attempted ekphratic poetry, responding to works of art. This is to be a site for words and images, interacting on one another, as vehicles of human expression.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A gripping read, by "Brentjp99 (now and then)"

A gripping read, originally uploaded by Brentjp99 (now and then).

I guess there are some advantages in such a reading position, since more blood will flow to the brain, and thus facilitate the speed reading necessary to finish the book before the rope starts to fray.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Virtual Reality

Image above, "For dou_ble_you, 'If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix) II,' 2009, original by dou_ble_you, as altered by John Walford.

Text (from JW) under reads: "6 as 9, on my dime!/ Jimi boy, I loved your sound,/ In my prime./ I too cut off my locks,/ While Charlie boy was smokin' her,/ Not Princess Di!/ Now that's gotta be/ A f---'ing royal sigh!/ God save the Queen!/ Millie is, and ain't, our next queen."

Virtual Reality

My luminous, flat panel, my global interface,
I am drawn to it, mesmerized moth to lamp.
Eyes trained on images, projected on the screen,
Made one’s own, to play with, it can seem.

Eye Delight.

Then, one day, sneaking through snail mail,
A postcard from Warsaw, two playing cards,
Altered just for me, held in my hand, worn,
Browned by use, adorned, freshly inscribed.

I cried.

--JW, for dou_ble_you, 25 August, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slip-Sliding Away

Photo: John Walford, "End of Semester Chaos, 2008"

"Slip-Sliding Away"

New Media, seductive allure, opening new worlds,
Anesthetizing focus, our brain enfolds.
Hours like minutes, slipping through our hands,
Where's self-discipline, that time commands?
Eager to learn, open to the new,
How to distinguish putrid rain from dew?

--JW, for Matthew Huggins, 8/05/09,
the 28th anniversary of my arrival in the USA,
as he and I reflect on New Media, empty content,
and human distraction. Matt: Had I not come,
we would not be having this conversation!
That surely, would have been my loss.

Anastasis - How Can It Be?

Mantegna, "Christ's Descent into Limbo," 1470-75 (Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection).


How can it be?
What will it be?
Will it be?

Will we "be?"
Will I be me?
Which "me?"

If flesh did rot and drop,
Brittle bones break,
How shall I stand?

If drowned, or burned,
How recovered?
How restored?

Faith is to believe!
Yet us weaker ones,
Need to see, to believe.

How can it be?
We just have to
Wait, and see.

--JW, August 4th, 2009, in thinking about Mahler's Resurrection Symphony, to be performed at Wheaton College, Oct. 22-23, 2010. With thanks to my years-long friend and colleague, Joel Sheesley, for offering me Mantegna's "Christ in Limbo" of c. 1470-75, for my further reflection.

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