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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Culprit (Albert Einstein, Time is the Culprit), 09-09-09, with thanks to Semay Johnston

The Culprit (Albert Einstein, Time is the Culprit), 09-09-09, with thanks to Semay Johnston
The Culprit (Albert Einstein, Time is the Culprit), 09-09-09, with thanks to Semay Johnston, originally uploaded by johnwalford

Nine o’ Nine: “Time is the Culprit” (Albert Einstein)

Nine o’ Nine, on Nine, Nine, o’ Nine – Oh Wow!

This, an auspicious time, on anyone’s dime!

What to make of life - existence in time?

How possibly can time more signify?

Ours, yours, his, hers, or mine?

Is time but a construct?

Reckoned on a dial?

Or, a mere friction

Derived from only

Sands pressure

Sliding down



As time itself -

So lucidly transparent!

Yet, glass and time remain

Both cruelly enigmatic and still

Beyond best scrutiny. They reveal,

And yet, their enduring qualities hide.

One seemingly passable, transparent,

Yet impenetrable to touch, but not to light.

The other, invisible, intangible, yet palpable!

While reflecting on time, it runs through my fingers,

Like sand, slip-sliding to the constant rhythm of the sea.

--John Walford, a meditation on Semay Johnston’s ceramic piece,

“The Culprit” (after Albert Einstein’s “Time is the Culprit”)

at nine o’clock, in the evening, of 09/09/09,

and, with thanks to Lauren Anderson,

for timely inspiration.


  1. with some carefully guided kerning, tracking and very, very slight instances of horizontal scaling the poem on the wall could take on a much more fluid and natural flowing form.

  2. y'know I'm looking at it again and I'm gonna guess that some tracking was added. It might just be about as fluid as stacked text can get given the basic form that chosen font displays (Avant Garde is my guess for the font).

    Sculpting with words is always interesting. Nice piece!


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