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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flickr's Wintercove's "Kindred Spirits"

Wintercove uploaded this lovely, serene photograph to Flickr, September 18, 2009, see:

The rhythms of this photograph possess an inexpressible poetry - at least, I cannot find the words, but perhaps something like this:

'Kindred Spirits"

Puffy clouds drifting from left to right,
Deep shadows, and soft water
Likewise lead the eye.
All seems still.
But stillness truth
Disguises, even as
Jagged icebergs, shrunken,
Wonder which way to go,
But downward sink, to rejoin
That from whence they came.

Foreground grasses,
Wafted by the breeze,
Lean against these forces,
Yet are subject to the same,
Once fresh, supple, ripe,
And green - now brown,
And aged by the summer sun,
Stiffer, dryer, like our old bones,
And our skin, wrinkled,
Lacking oil, they too decline.

-- JW, for Wintercove, Sept 20, 2009,
after a long hiatus. Glad to see you are
still there, watching, as God performs His
glorious dance, daily before your eyes.

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