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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flickr's Heniusia's "Moving swiftly...."

Moving swiftly...., originally uploaded by Heniusia.

"One Lone Biker - Lots of Snow"

We like our grids and right angles
Straight roads, straight driveways,
Lampposts standing straight, and tall,
All like soldiers, marching in rank and file.

Nature throws up its arms in gay abandon,
Flinging bent branches this way and that,
Forking, reaching, leaning out, joyful,
Up, down, out and around, never just pat.

Then comes the snow: covers works of
Man and Nature under pure, soft blanket,
Harmonizing all, until one lone figure,
Lime green--to be seen--bikes through it.

Then there is Heni, her eye alert as usual.
Seeing the winter poetry, carefully captures
So we see blended, organic and geometric -
Holding up, everywhere, bundles of snow!
--JW, for Heniusia, with thanks for 2009, and best wishes for 2010, Dec 30, 2009.

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