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Monday, December 21, 2009

Together, Walking The Narrow Path

Photo: Courtesy of Matt & Rachel's Vanderpoel's blog, in post for Dec 17, 2009: "Life in Beni" in para "Walking to UCBC," see:

From up above you would but see
A verdant, dense, un-trodden jungle,
Yet winding its way between the green,
We tread together this well-worn path.
Not broad, not always safe, narrow,
Yet, no narrow gate we see, no guide,
But song-birds accompany our way.

It can be dry and dusty, and sometimes
We encounter others, unlike us, going
The other way. They look quizzically,
What are ‘them’ doing here? For
Narrow roads, like this, lead often
Where others, like us, are not wont to go.
Yet we will go, where we are called.

Calling; we hear the song-birds
Calling out in love to each other.
Their song cheers our hearts,
As they break the silence of the forest.
But the call of the one who calls us,
Is far harder to distinguish, amidst
The bustling life of this jungle world.

And yet, we hold fast together,
Consult together, walk this narrow
Path, together, great comfort there.
And if some day the song-birds
Are all disturbed, flipping from
Tree to tree, cheeping with agitation,
Listen hard, they call to thee.

A Christmas Greeting dedicated to Matt & Rachel Sweet Vanderpoel, while spending an academic year in the DR Congo, knowing Matt's love of song-birds, and thinking also of Joachim Patinir's paintings of landscape, as an image of the pilgrimage of life, may this path leave its mark on you, as you leave your mark on it. – JW, Dec 21, 2009.

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