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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ahmad Kavousian's "Farewell to the city I love....."

"May sun shine on your path, and wind be always on your back"

I sit and grieve,
Know not what to say,
Ahmad is going away.
Why should we mourn?

Lisbon or Vancouver:
Isn't it much the same,
For us your Flickr friends,
Where space dissolves.

Why should we grieve this way?

But we know the wrench
Of such a move, the hard
Goodbye, lives left behind,
Your little Pedrom........

And we know the draw,
Each heart does need,
Their own Graca -and to
Her arms and love -

We commit you - our friend.

May the sun shine on this great change,
removed, once more, from the soil you love,
and may peace fill your courageous heart.

In friendship, John W, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Yes,Although he is now closer to me (in spite of distance between Iran and Canada) but I think he remains in your heart and memory. As an intellectual , he is phenomenon in photography.


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