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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flickr's Millinerd's "Office Window"

Office Window, originally uploaded by millinerd.

"A Groundless Icon"

There is one ground that never shifts -
It's not the rock nor soil I stand on!
It's not the foundations of the house,
That my weary body sleeps in.

That one ground that never shifts,
As Greeks and Russians do aver -
The gilded ground of the sacred icon -
Of eternal verity assures unchangeable.

What dastardly heresy, what shame
Of shames! What untruth, betrayal,
To limn the Holy Mother, with her
Yet more Holy Son, on a sheet of glass.

Glass - transparent, veil-less veil,
Sullied by every transient shadow,
Corrupted by the passing world,
No ground for eternal verity.

Woe is me! I am undone!
The impassable passable
Is rendered into time,
Out of synch with eternity!

Great heresy! The shame of it!

-JW, lamentation for a sundered icon, 2/23/11.
The Greek blood in me shudders!

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