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Monday, August 8, 2011

Flickr's Esthersita 1's "A Pause of Thought," 2011.

A Pause of Thought., originally uploaded by Esthersita1.

A Pause of Thought.

"I looked for that which is not, nor can be,
And hope deferred made my heart sick in truth:
But years must pass before a hope of youth
Is resigned utterly.

I watched and waited with a steadfast will:
And though the object seemed to flee away
That I so longed for, ever day by day
I watched and waited still..."

"A Pause Of Thought " by Christina

A Second Pause for Thought - A Response to Christina Rosetti"

Why should I look for that which cannot be?
Why hope deferred when now it strong can be?!
I glance upon lucid glass, and perfectly sculpted shells,
Star fish, bending dried grasses, translucent glass - what tells?
Shells tell tales of numbers spun on a spiraled golden mean,
Glass translucent, that through what is seen, we grasp the unseen,
Light, number, harmony of the spheres, wondrously wrought,
Through the impassable, yet passable, shines the light -
Light of the world, in darkness ne'er extinct, seen, yet unseen.

--JW, for Esthersita 1, in honor of your myriad, and exquisite still lives,
August 8, 2011.

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