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Saturday, March 17, 2012

dou_ble-you's curated Flickr Gallery, "Oedipus Rex," March 2012

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Oedipus Rex, a gallery by dou_ble_you on Flickr.

The gallery of curated images, gathered by Flickr's dou_ble_you is a wonderful testimony to creative intuition. His gallery is indeed an inspiring idea, and brilliantly conceived.... his right brain (as usual) functions marvelously, and the outcome, notwithstanding the process of assembly - or perhaps rather just because of it - does indeed manifest some common threads, for the attentive viewer. But, for me, it also introduces me to several works hitherto unseen by me, that are simply splendid to dwell on, and return to. Thank you so much, UU, for the creative intuition, and for the inclusion.

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