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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hate Has No Friends and No Rest, March 2012

Hate Has No Friends and No Rest, March 2012

Having so recently posted a couple of visual responses to the slaying in Florida of Trayvon Martin, now the news breaks from California of another premediated, deliberate hate crime against Shaima Al Awadhi, aged 32, a Muslim mother of five, who had immigrated from Iraq in 1993, in search of peace and freedom for her family (see the news clip here:, which thanks to dou_ble_you [ ], for drawing this to my attention, this morning).

This is appalling, and unacceptable in a country that prides itself in protecting its citizens, respecting civil rights, and the freedom and liberty - also of religion - for all! Cancer may be the major killer in America, but hate seems at times not far behind - even here in the USA.

We all do well to remember that hate possesses but one living room and command center - the human heart. Until we cut it out of our hearts - individually and collectively - hate will always spring from our hearts into our words and actions.
Governments, schools, and religious institutions - of all stripes - can only do so much, by way of setting examples, defining and policing respect for the rule of law, teaching and inspiring, by example, but no institution can rule the human heart and will. What lies within will always find ways to break out on the street. Institutions can but restrain and discipline.

It is thus for each of us - individually and collectively - to examine our hearts and minds - and to root out all bigotry, hatred, and blindness to the nature of human flourishing, and to individually and collectively set our hearts, minds, and wills to pursue "shalom," until the bitter end, and the last breath.

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