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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Glimpsed Through a Glass Darkly 2016

Glimpsed Through a Glass Darkly, Dec. 2016

To see the tiny raindrops,
Run rivulets down the glass
Stirs the fluttering heart
Of a tender, feeling soul,
Recalling childhood days;
Passed in pensive solitude,
Surrounded by other boys,
Who did not hear the rain
Whispering sadness in my ear,
Trickling down into my heart.

Sixty years on, still gazing
Into the still, silent darkness,
And listening to the soft rain,
Chattering on the window pane.
I’m still dreaming of England,
Of nights of solitary thoughts,
Sharing space with other boys,
Yet inwardly shivering, alone.
Tucked under my school blankets,
Tuned to the pitter-patter of rain.

Yet now, by night, eyes searching
Through the still, filtered darkness
Sensing rhythm in moist rivulets
Running like tears from sad eyes,
See past the moist condensation
And the bone chill of tapered icicles.
Grasping for any portents of Advent
Seeking in the stilled silence beyond
Find intonation of hope, redemption,
Glimpsed through a glass darkly.
- John Walford, 12/12/16.

This is a reworking of a piece made some years ago.

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